Fairies: A Magical Guide to the Enchanted Realm by Allison Moloney

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Fairies: A Magical Guide to the Enchanted Realm

Author: Allison Moloney

Hard cover, very good condition.

"Fairies: A Magical Guide to the Enchanted Realm" by Allison Moloney is an enchanting exploration of the mystical world of fairies, delving into their folklore, characteristics, and the magical places they inhabit. The book serves as a comprehensive guide, offering insights into the various types of fairies, their roles in different cultures, and the legends that surround them. With a blend of captivating illustrations and detailed descriptions, Moloney invites readers into a realm of wonder and fantasy, encouraging a deeper appreciation for these elusive beings. The guide not only entertains but also educates, providing a rich tapestry of fairy lore that has fascinated humanity for centuries.

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