Indian Herbalogy of North America by Alma R. Hutchens

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Indian Herbalogy of North America

Author: Alma R. Hutchens

Soft cover. Very good condition.

"Indian Herbalogy of North America" by Alma R. Hutchens is a comprehensive and insightful guide to the traditional medicinal plants used by Native American tribes across North America. Drawing upon her extensive research and interactions with indigenous healers, Hutchens provides a wealth of knowledge on the identification, properties, and uses of various herbs, roots, and plants. This book serves as a valuable resource for herbalists, botanists, and anyone interested in exploring the rich herbal traditions of Native American cultures. With its detailed descriptions, medicinal properties, and cultural significance, "Indian Herbalogy of North America" is an indispensable reference for understanding the healing practices and plant wisdom of the indigenous peoples of the continent.

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