Shells by William K. Emerson

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Author: William K. Emerson

Hard cover with dust jacket - Good condition(minor wear and tear to dust jacket)

"Shells" by William K. Emerson is a captivating exploration of the intricate and fascinating world of seashells. Emerson's book combines scientific knowledge, historical anecdotes, and personal experiences to provide readers with a comprehensive and engaging study of shells. From mollusks and their diverse shell structures to the ecological roles shells play in marine ecosystems, Emerson delves into the remarkable biology, diversity, and beauty of these natural wonders. Through vivid descriptions and stunning illustrations, he introduces readers to the different types of shells and their unique characteristics, showcasing the intricate patterns, colors, and textures that have captivated collectors and scientists alike. Whether you are a shell enthusiast or simply intrigued by the wonders of nature, "Shells" offers a captivating journey that will deepen your appreciation for these extraordinary creations of the sea.

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