The Republic by Plato

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The Republic

Author: Plato

Hard cover, excellent condition.

One volume in a four volume set that comprises:

.. The Republic by Plato

.. The Advancement of Learning by Francis Bacon

.. Utopia by Sir Thomas More

Individual volumes are priced at $15 each or, while available, all 3 volumes can be purchased for the one price of $35.

"The Republic" by Plato is a seminal philosophical work that delves into the nature of justice, morality, and the ideal society. Presented as a dialogue between Socrates and several other characters, the book explores various aspects of governance and the concept of the just state. Plato investigates the nature of justice, the roles of individuals within society, and the importance of education and philosophy in shaping a harmonious and virtuous community. Through intricate arguments and thought experiments, Plato challenges conventional notions of justice and offers his vision of an ideal society governed by philosopher-kings. "The Republic" remains a profound and influential work that continues to provoke discussions on politics, ethics, and the pursuit of the good life, making it a cornerstone of Western philosophy.

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