The Two Lives of Joseph Docker by J. M. McMillan

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The Two Lives of Joseph Docker

Author: J. M. McMillan

Soft cover, very good condition.

"The Two Lives of Joseph Docker" by J.M. McMillan is a detailed biography of Joseph Docker, a significant figure in Australian history who led a multifaceted life as a clergyman, farmer, and politician. Docker emigrated from England to Australia in 1828, initially serving as a vicar in New South Wales before resigning and turning to farming. He later settled in Victoria, where he established the Bontharambo estate and became a prominent landowner and developer. Docker's contributions extended beyond agriculture; he played a notable role in the political landscape of the time, particularly in the Legislative Council of New South Wales. The book includes various historical materials such as photographs, maps, and letters, providing a comprehensive look at Docker's impact on the development of Victoria and his interactions with the Indigenous population​.

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