Utopia by Sir Thomas More

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Author: Sir Thomas More

Hard cover, excellent condition.

One volume in a four volume set that comprises:

.. The Republic by Plato

.. The Advancement of Learning by Francis Bacon

.. Utopia by Sir Thomas More

Individual volumes are priced at $15 each or, while available, all 3 volumes can be purchased for the one price of $35.

"Utopia" by Sir Thomas More is a visionary work of literature that presents an idealized society and critiques the flaws of 16th-century European society. The book is structured as a fictional dialogue between More himself and Raphael Hythloday, a traveler who describes his experiences in the fabled island of Utopia. In Utopia, society is depicted as an egalitarian and communistic utopia, where property is held in common, justice prevails, and citizens live in harmony with nature. More explores various aspects of this imagined society, including its political organization, economic systems, and social customs. Through Utopia, More critiques the political corruption, social inequality, and religious intolerance of his time, provoking readers to reflect on the possibilities of a more just and harmonious society. "Utopia" continues to inspire discussions about the ideal state and serves as a profound critique of the shortcomings of the real world.

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