White Gold: The Story of Alcoa of Australia by Geoffrey Blainey

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White Gold: The Story of Alcoa of Australia

Author: Geoffrey Blainey

Hardcover with dust jacket - As new condition. First edition. Signed copy.

A must for any collector of Blainey's works, "White Gold: The Story of Alcoa of Australia" is a compelling chronicle that unveils the remarkable history and enduring legacy of Alcoa, one of Australia's most influential and transformative companies. Blainey takes readers on a captivating journey through time, tracing the origins of Alcoa's presence in Australia, its pioneering efforts in the aluminum industry, and its significant contributions to the nation's economic development. From the establishment of the first alumina refinery to the innovative technologies that propelled Alcoa to the forefront of the global aluminum market, Blainey provides a comprehensive and insightful account of the company's triumphs, challenges, and pivotal role in shaping Australia's industrial landscape. Through meticulous research and engaging storytelling, "White Gold" celebrates the visionary leadership, technological advancements, and enduring commitment to sustainability that have made Alcoa an integral part of Australia's industrial heritage.

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