A Voyage of Discovery by Professor Lance Endersbee AO

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A Voyage of Discovery by Professor Lance Endersbee AO

'This impressive, quietly-argued book warns that the deep groundwater, on which three billion people (half the global population) depend for most of their drinking water and food, is running out at an unprecedented rate.  The world is on eh edge of a huge, little understood catastrophe.
The author brings important new perspectives and a new understanding of how the earth works.  The book links twenty-first century evidence available from the satellite and ice-core findings with neglected insights of outstanding scholars of the past, whose theories were ahead of their time.
It throws new light on many popular and scientific beliefs about the origins and extent of the world's water, natural gas and petroleum deposits, the mechanics of deep earthquakes, the continuing but still not understood expansion of the earth, and the causes of climate change.'

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