Australia Watercolour Painters 1780-1980 by Jean Campbell

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Australia Watercolour Painters 1780-1980

Author: Jean Campbell

Hard cover with dust jacket. Very good condition.

"Australia Watercolour Painters 1780-1980" by Jean Campbell is a comprehensive and richly illustrated exploration of the history and evolution of watercolor painting in Australia over two centuries. Campbell meticulously documents the works and contributions of Australian watercolor artists, from early colonial times through to the late 20th century, highlighting significant movements, individual artists, and their unique styles. The book not only showcases a diverse array of beautiful watercolor artworks but also provides insightful commentary on the cultural and historical contexts that influenced these artists. Through detailed biographical sketches and critical analyses, Campbell celebrates the richness and diversity of Australia's watercolor heritage, making it an invaluable resource for art historians, enthusiasts, and practitioners alike.

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