Fifty Bab Ballads by W S Gilbert

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Fifty Bab Ballads

Author: W S Gilbert

Hard cover. Fair condition (minor separation of cover). Rare find. First Edition (1884)

"Fifty Bab Ballads" by W.S. Gilbert is a collection of witty and humorous verses that showcase the Victorian playwright's remarkable talent for satire and wordplay. Published in 1869, the book comprises fifty clever and whimsical poems, each accompanied by Gilbert's own illustrations. The ballads lampoon various aspects of Victorian society, including politics, romance, and the absurdities of everyday life. Gilbert's clever use of language and his keen observations of human folly create a delightful and entertaining reading experience. The ballads often feature memorable characters and situations, revealing Gilbert's gift for comic storytelling. As a precursor to his later collaborations with composer Arthur Sullivan in creating the famous Gilbert and Sullivan operas, "Fifty Bab Ballads" provides readers with a charming glimpse into the wit and humor that would define Gilbert's illustrious career.

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