Barry Humphries' Treasury of Australian Kitsch

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Barry Humphries' Treasury of Australian Kitsch

Author: Barry Humphries

Hard cover with dust jacket, very good condition.

Barry Humphries' Treasury of Australian Kitsch is a delightful and nostalgic exploration of Australia's eccentric and often kitschy cultural artifacts. Drawing on his deep knowledge and witty observations, Humphries takes readers on a captivating journey through a wide range of objects, from tacky souvenirs and vintage advertising to garish home décor and iconic pop culture memorabilia. With a blend of humor, irony, and affection, Humphries celebrates the unique and sometimes questionable tastes of Australian society, revealing the nation's quirks and character through its beloved and despised kitsch treasures. This entertaining and visually engaging treasury serves as a charming tribute to Australia's kitsch heritage while also inviting readers to reflect on the nature of cultural identity and the enduring allure of the kitsch aesthetic.

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