The Field Guide to The Birds of Australia by Graham Pizzey and Frank Knight

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The Field Guide to The Birds of Australia

Author: Graham Pizzey and Frank Knight

Soft cover, very good condition

"The Field Guide to The Birds of Australia" by Graham Pizzey and Frank Knight is an indispensable resource for birdwatchers and enthusiasts, providing comprehensive coverage of Australia's diverse avian species. Pizzey and Knight meticulously document over 900 species, offering detailed descriptions, illustrations, and distribution maps to aid in identification and observation. Their expertise shines through in the thoroughness of the guide, which includes information on habitat, behavior, and vocalizations, as well as tips for birdwatching techniques. Whether exploring Australia's coastal regions, tropical rainforests, or arid outback, this field guide serves as an invaluable companion for anyone seeking to explore and appreciate the rich diversity of Australia's birdlife. With its user-friendly format and wealth of information, "The Field Guide to The Birds of Australia" is a must-have reference for both novice and experienced birdwatchers alike.


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