Botanical Riches: Stories of Botanical Exploration by Richard Aitken

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Botanical Riches: Stories of Botanical Exploration

Author: Richard Aitken

Soft cover, laminated, ex-library. Good condition.

Lavishly illustrated and meticulously researched, "Botanical Riches: Stories of Botanical Exploration" by Richard Aitken is an engaging narrative that delves into the history and impact of botanical exploration across the globe. Aitken meticulously chronicles the adventures and discoveries of plant hunters and botanists from the age of exploration to modern times, highlighting their contributions to science, horticulture, and global knowledge. The book features captivating stories of their travels, the exotic plants they encountered, and the profound effects these discoveries had on gardens, economies, and cultures worldwide. Richly illustrated and thoroughly researched, "Botanical Riches" celebrates the enduring legacy of botanical exploration and the enduring human fascination with the plant kingdom.

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