Captain Thomas Johnstone, 1772-1839: Smuggler's Reach (The Rogues Gallery #2) - James Cleugh

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Captain Thomas Johnstone, 1772-1839: Smuggler's Reach (The Rogues Gallery #2)

Author: James Cleugh

Hardcover with dust jacket and plastic overlay - Good condition. Minor wear and tear to cover. First Edition (1955).

In the days of the Napoleonic wars—and through the rip-roaring days of the Regency period—there lived a handsome, jovial, cynical bamboozler by the name of Tom Johnstone. He stood six-foot-three. He was a tremendous fighter and first-class creative engineer, and he fascinated everyone he met. …

Tom Johnstone started life very humbly as a fisher-lad. He ended it in an air of some respectability. In between, he had flourished as a smuggler, had known the insides of many prisons, and had become a naval sea pilot.

Long before he died, he had earned the confidence of great statesmen and had also become the confidant of international conspirators. Some of the major episodes in Britain’s stormy history were affected by this charming, delightful, and patriotic rogue.

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