Indochine: Baguettes and Bahn Mi- Finding France in Vietnam by Luke Nguyen

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Indochine: Baguettes and Bahn Mi- Finding France in Vietnam

Author: Luke Nguyen

Hard cover, with dust jacket. As new condition.

A beautifully illustrated book with high quality colour plates, "Indochine: Baguettes and Bahn Mi- Finding France in Vietnam" delves into the rich and intricate fusion of French and Vietnamese cultures, exploring the lasting impact of French colonialism on Vietnam’s culinary landscape. The book provides a sensory journey through the streets of Vietnam, where the legacy of French influence is vividly evident in its architecture, traditions, and especially its cuisine. Through engaging anecdotes and detailed descriptions, the author highlights how Vietnamese chefs have seamlessly blended French culinary techniques with local ingredients, creating iconic dishes like the Banh Mi. This narrative not only celebrates the unique gastronomic heritage but also reflects on the historical and cultural interconnections between France and Vietnam. It includes more than 100 recipes.

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