Jacko - The Broadcasting Kookaburra: His Life and Adventures by Brooke Nicholls

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Jacko - The Broadcasting Kookaburra: His Life and Adventures

Author: Brooke Nicholls

Hard cover, fair condition. First edition

This is the true story of Jacko, the Broadcasting Kookaburra, that so many of his fellow Australians have heard laughing over the air from the wireless stations of Melbourne, Sydney, and Brisbane; and from the gramophone record which was arranged and produced by Mrs Harold W. Clapp for the Australian National Travel Association.

The story begins with Jacko’s capture in the bush. It tells of his many adventures and ends with his home-coming after a four-thousand-mile caravan journey along the eastern seaboard of Australia.

The illustrations and chapter headings are from drawings made by Miss Dorothy Wall, whose exquisite pen has captured the humorous spirit of the story."

The loved character, Blinky Bill, devised by Dorothy Wall, first appeared in this book. He later became the subject of his own books.

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