John Croaker Convict Embezzler by John Booker and Russell Craig

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John Croaker Convict Embezzler

Author: John Booker and Russell Craig

Soft cover, very good condition.

"John Croaker: Convict Embezzler" by John Booker and Russell Craig explores the tumultuous life of John Croaker, a clerk turned convict in the early 19th century. Initially a principal clerk at the Isle of Thanet Bank in Margate, Croaker's life took a dramatic turn when he began falsifying bank ledgers and fled to Calais with stolen funds. Convicted of embezzlement, he was transported to Australia, where he played a significant role in establishing the Bank of New South Wales' bookkeeping system, introducing double-entry bookkeeping to the colony. Despite later becoming a successful brewer, his fortunes waned, culminating in his mysterious death on a voyage back to England. The authors use Croaker's story to provide a window into the economic, judicial, and social conditions of the time, crafting a meticulously researched and engaging narrative​.

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