Lazarus Rising: A Personal and Political Autobiography by John Howard

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Lazarus Rising: A Personal and Political Autobiography

Author:  John Howard

Hard cover, with dust jacket - very good condition. Some creasing on dust jacket and some fraying on the ribbon bookmark. First edition.

"Lazarus Rising: A Personal and Political Autobiography" is a compelling and intimate journey through the life of a remarkable individual who defied the odds and emerged stronger from the trials of personal and political adversity. In this gripping memoir, the author provides a candid and reflective account of their life, from early struggles to their rise in the world of politics. With an unwavering determination, they share the profound experiences and pivotal moments that shaped their character and ultimately led to their extraordinary ascent. "Lazarus Rising" is a story of resilience, transformation, and the enduring human spirit that will inspire and captivate readers from all walks of life.

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