Lucy - The Beginnings of Humankind - Donald C. Johanson and Maitland A. Edey

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The Dramatic Discovery of our oldest Human Ancestor, Lucy - The Beginnings of Humankind

Author: Donald C. Johanson and Maitland A. Edey

Hard cover - with dust jacket - very good condition

When Donald Johanson found a partical skeleton, approximately 3.5 million years old, in a remote region of Ethiopia in 1974, a headline-making controversy was launched that continues on today. Bursting with all the suspense and intrigue of a fast paced adventure novel, here is Johanson’s lively account of the extraordinary discovery of “Lucy.” By expounding the controversial change Lucy makes in our view of human origins, Johanson provides a vivid, behind-the-scenes account of the history of pealeoanthropology and the colorful, eccentric characters who were and are a part of it. Never before have the mystery and intricacy of our origins been so clearly and compellingly explained as in this astonighing and dramatic book.

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