Mordant's Needs by Stephen R. Donaldson

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Mordant's Needs

Author: Stephen R. Donaldson

Hard cover, with dust jacket. Fair condition (some tearing to dust jacket).

First editions.

This set comprises 2 books in the series. The volumes are:

.. The Mirror of Her Dreams (1986)
.. A Man Rides Through (1987))

"Mordant's Need," a two-book fantasy series by Stephen R. Donaldson, follows the extraordinary journey of Terisa Morgan, a woman plagued by self-doubt and isolation in her mundane life. When she discovers a mirror that can transport her to the magical world of Mordant, her existence takes a drastic turn. Terisa finds herself embroiled in political intrigues and a war for power between the kingdom's ruler, King Joyse, and his treacherous advisor, the High King's envoy. As Terisa navigates this dangerous realm, she uncovers her own hidden strengths and must make difficult choices to protect herself and the world of Mordant from impending destruction. In a stunning blend of political maneuverings, intricate magic, and personal growth, "Mordant's Need" offers a captivating tale of self-discovery and the triumph of the human spirit.

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