Robert Maillart And The Art of Reinforced Concrete By David P. Billington

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Robert Maillart And The Art of Reinforced Concrete

Author: David P. Billington

Hardcover with dust jacket - Excellent condition

Robert Maillart, a renowned Swiss engineer, is recognized as one of the most innovative and influential bridge designers of the early 20th century. In David P. Billington's comprehensive study, Maillart's engineering masterpieces and groundbreaking design concepts are brought to light. Through his emphasis on structural efficiency, Maillart pioneered a new approach to bridge construction, using reinforced concrete as a versatile material capable of achieving both strength and elegance. Billington explores Maillart's philosophy of "structural art" and highlights his iconic bridges, such as the Salginatobel and Schwandbach, which showcased his mastery in creating structures that harmoniously blended with their natural surroundings. Ultimately, this captivating analysis underscores Maillart's lasting impact on bridge engineering and his enduring legacy as a visionary structural artist.

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