Rumpole by John Mortimer

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Rumpole - Selected and Introduced by John Mortimer

Author: John Mortimer


Hardcover - Good condition. Folio Society, 1995 Edition.

A classic collection of 10 Rumpole adventures!

"Rumpole" by John Mortimer is a captivating collection of stories that follows the witty and unorthodox barrister, Horace Rumpole, as he navigates the eccentricities of the British legal system. With his love for cheap wine, cigar smoking, and championing the underdog, Rumpole takes on a series of intriguing cases, from defending alleged murderers to outsmarting pompous judges. Mortimer's masterful storytelling weaves together humor, drama, and keen insight into human nature, making "Rumpole" a timeless classic that delights readers with its charm and cleverness.

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