Samuel Pepys, Vol 1: The Man in the Making by Arthur Bryant

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Samuel Pepys, Vol 1: The Man in the Making

Author: Arthur Bryant

Hard cover, very good condition.

Arthur Bryant set out to reconstruct the life and times of Samuel Pepys from the vast collection of documents which this remarkable man left behind. He took over the papers of the two Pepysian scholars who had previously attempted this unfinished task, went through the whole of the unpublished Pepys manuscripts in the Bodleian Library, and used a number of previously unprinted passages from the diary. The result is a work of which Sir Harold Nicolson wrote that it "will live as among the best of English biographies." This first volume tells the story of Pepys' early work and the stranger one of his married life. Covering the years 1633-69, it records the Restoration of Charles II, the great plague and fire of London, an economic crisis, and a European war. A work of meticulous scholarship, it is as thrilling as any novel. Though complete in itself, this book opens what is likely to remain the definitive biography of the Englishman who wrote the world's greatest diary, established rules that still govern the British Admiralty, and was the father of that country's Civil Service.

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