Seashaken Houses by Tom Nancollas

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Seashaken Houses

Author: Tom NancollasHaerd cover with dust jacket. As new condition.

"Seashaken Houses" by Tom Nancollas offers a captivating journey into the world of Britain's iconic lighthouses, exploring their rich history, engineering marvels, and enduring allure. Nancollas intricately weaves together narratives of the individuals who built and manned these remote beacons, revealing the challenges they faced and the ingenuity they employed to ensure the safety of sailors navigating treacherous waters. With lyrical prose and meticulous research, Nancollas paints vivid portraits of these sentinel structures, from their dramatic coastal settings to the intricate mechanisms that powered their luminous beacons. Through tales of isolation, heroism, and innovation, "Seashaken Houses" celebrates the enduring legacy of lighthouses as symbols of resilience and guardians of the sea.

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