Shell by Kristina Olsson

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Author: Kristina Olsson

Hard cover, with dust jacket.  As new condition. First edition.

"Shell" by Kristina Olsson is a poignant and evocative novel set against the backdrop of 1960s Sydney, Australia. The story unfolds during a time of cultural and political upheaval as the construction of the Sydney Opera House takes center stage. Against this iconic backdrop, Olsson weaves together the lives of two protagonists, Pearl and Axel, who are connected by shared traumas and secrets. As they navigate their personal struggles, the novel explores themes of art, love, betrayal, and the enduring impact of historical events. Olsson's lyrical prose captures the essence of a city in transformation and the human spirit's resilience in the face of adversity, creating a beautifully crafted narrative that resonates with both heart and intellect. "Shell" is a mesmerizing exploration of the intersections between personal and societal change, leaving readers with a profound sense of the complexities of the human experience.

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