The Book of Wizards - Michael Hague

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Title: The Book of Wizards

Author: Michael Hague

Hard cover, with dust jacket. Excellent condition. First edition (2008)

Are you cunning enough to outwit an evil witch who wants to boil you alive? Are you brave enough to embark on a quest to defeat the dragon that terrorizes kingdoms far and wide? Can you spot a ruse when you see one, withstand the enchantments of a sorceress, and win the hand of the fair princess? In this magical anthology, master of children's fantasy Michael Hague brings us tales that transcend time and place, from Shakespeare to Homer, Arthurian legend to tribal folklore. The nine tales will cast their spell over all who open these pages, and Hague's richly imagined paintings will enchant even the most stalwart young rogue, valiant knight, or steely lass.

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