The Eyes of Damian Parer by Frank Legg

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The Eyes of Damian Parer

Author: Frank Legg

Hard cover, with dust jacket. Good condition, slight wear and tear to dust jacket.

"The Eyes of Damian Parer" by Frank Legg is a poignant and illuminating biography that traces the remarkable life of Australian war photographer Damian Parer. Legg skillfully navigates through Parer's journey from his humble beginnings in Australia to his pivotal role as one of the most renowned war correspondents of World War II. Through meticulous research and vivid storytelling, Legg captures the essence of Parer's courage, humanity, and dedication to his craft as he documented the harrowing realities of war in the Pacific and beyond. From the iconic footage of the Kokoda Trail campaign to the Battle of Milne Bay, Parer's lens captured the raw emotion and sacrifice of soldiers and civilians alike. Yet, beyond his professional achievements, Legg explores the personal struggles and ethical dilemmas that Parer faced, offering readers a nuanced portrait of a man whose indomitable spirit and passion for truth continue to resonate in the annals of photojournalism.

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