The Ingoldsby Legends by Thomas Ingoldsby

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The Ingoldsby Legends

Author: Thomas Ingoldsby

Hard cover, good condition. Rare edition (1887)

"The Ingoldsby Legends," written by Thomas Ingoldsby (the pen name of Richard Harris Barham), is a collection of humorous and macabre verses and stories that blend folklore, history, and satire. Published in the 19th century, these tales are known for their witty and often irreverent take on various legends, myths, and historical events. The book weaves together a tapestry of fantastical characters, ghosts, witches, and eccentric individuals, all told in a lively and entertaining style. With its clever wordplay and whimsical narratives, "The Ingoldsby Legends" has endured as a classic work of humorous literature, offering readers a delightful and occasionally eerie journey into a world of whimsy and the supernatural.

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