The International Camellia Register Compiled by Thomas J Savige

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The International Camellia Register (Two volume set)

Compiled by Thomas J Savige

Harcover with plastic over-cover - Excellent condition. First edition. Signed by the author.

"The International Camellia Register," compiled by Thomas J. Savige, serves as an authoritative and comprehensive resource for enthusiasts and researchers alike, documenting the vast diversity of camellia species cultivated around the world. Through meticulous compilation and classification, In this two volume set of more than 2200 pages, Savige presents a wealth of information on camellia varieties, including their botanical characteristics, origins, and historical significance. With detailed descriptions and stunning photographs, the register not only celebrates the beauty and versatility of camellias but also provides invaluable insights into their cultivation, propagation, and conservation. Whether for seasoned horticulturalists, avid gardeners, or curious enthusiasts, Savige's work is an indispensable guide to the fascinating world of camellias, showcasing their enduring allure and botanical significance on a global scale.

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