The Limits of Science by Pierre Rousseau

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The Limits of Science

Author: Pierre Rousseau

Hard cover. Good condition.

Written in 1963, but still with relevance today, "The Limits of Science" by Pierre Rousseau is a thought-provoking exploration of the boundaries and limitations of scientific knowledge and inquiry. Rousseau delves into the nature of scientific understanding, questioning its ability to comprehensively explain all aspects of the universe. He critically examines the challenges and inherent limitations that scientists encounter, such as the unknowable, the subjective, and the complex interplay between scientific disciplines. Through compelling examples and philosophical reflections, Rousseau invites readers to consider the epistemological constraints of science and encourages a nuanced understanding of its strengths and weaknesses. This engaging and accessible book stimulates a deeper reflection on the nature and boundaries of human knowledge, offering valuable insights into the potential limitations of the scientific method.

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