The Poetical Works of Mrs Hemans by Felicia Hemans

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The Poetical Works of Mrs Hemans

Author: Felicia Hemans

Hard cover, fair condition. Inscribed in 1945. Chando Classics edition.

"The Poetical Works of Mrs. Hemans" is a comprehensive collection of the poetic masterpieces of Felicia Hemans, a prominent 19th-century British poet. Her verses encompass a rich tapestry of themes, from nature's beauty to historical narratives, and her writing is characterized by its emotional depth and eloquence. Through her works, readers embark on a journey through the Romantic era, where they encounter evocative descriptions of landscapes, stirring patriotic verses, and poignant explorations of love and loss. Hemans' poetry continues to captivate with its vivid imagery and profound sentiments, making this anthology a timeless tribute to her enduring literary legacy.

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