Training With Cerutty by Larry Myers

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Training With Cerutty

Author: Larry Myers

Soft cover - very good condition. Rare find.

"Training with Cerutty" by Larry Myers is an engaging biography that chronicles the life and training philosophy of Percy Cerutty, one of the most influential and unconventional athletic coaches in the history of sports. Myers takes readers on a journey through Cerutty's life, from his early struggles to his rise as a pioneering figure in distance running and coaching. Cerutty's holistic approach to training, emphasizing the importance of mind, body, and spirit, is explored in detail, revealing his innovative methods that challenged conventional wisdom and produced remarkable results. Through interviews, anecdotes, and insights, Myers paints a vivid portrait of Cerutty's dedication to pushing boundaries and his profound impact on athletes, making "Training with Cerutty" a must-read for anyone interested in the world of sports and the pursuit of excellence.

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