William Dobell by James Gleeson

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William Dobell

Author: James Gleeson

Hard cover, with dust jacket - very condition. First Edition (1964)

In James Gleeson's insightful biography, "William Dobell," the life and artistic journey of the celebrated Australian painter are vividly portrayed. Gleeson delves into the personal and professional experiences that shaped Dobell's remarkable career, from his early struggles to his eventual rise as a prominent figure in the Australian art scene. The book explores Dobell's distinctive style, characterized by his ability to capture the essence of his subjects with a keen eye for detail and a deep understanding of human psychology. Gleeson offers a comprehensive analysis of Dobell's major works, including his iconic portrait "The Billy Boy," revealing the artist's mastery of form, light, and expression. By unraveling Dobell's artistic evolution and examining the controversies and accolades that accompanied his career, Gleeson provides a captivating account of a talented and enigmatic painter whose contributions continue to resonate in the world of art.

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